Welcome to PlayBox Tech!

Do any of the following represent how you feel?
  • Your tired of support people constantly trying to upsell you products you have no interest in?
  • You've found that service has dropped dramatically since your hosting company became part of the big one?
  • You feel like they only care about you, when you threaten to leave them.
  • The account you settled with, make you feel like your trying to fit a square peg into a round peg?
Why PlayBox Tech?

I spent over 6 years in the hosting business seeing what was done correctly and what was done wrong, after having to talk to countless number of customers who were displeased for one reason or another. Granted some of them had complaints that didn't make sense, however many of the complaints had serious merit.

I'm here to see if we can fix these mistakes. While I do have standard plans, which I believe will work for most people, I'm willing to work with you, to configure your perfect system.

All shared accounts are automatically backed up to Amazon's S3 servers on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Restoring from these are free!

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